We are Mojo.

We are California natives who recently took to the road. We are a nomad family of three, working with couples and families who also seek art and adventure. Mojo Weddings is for lovers - of candid and colorful photography.

Based in the west, we currently work and travel all over California, through Orgeon and Washington, and out to Arizona. We look forward to soon expanding work in to Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho, along with the rest of the states.

Being new to the road, we look forward to creating even more spectacular imagery with each new city and state we visit. We enjoy and know all about traditional weddings, and look forward to more and more colorful outdoor weddings and romantic elopements.

Besides being dubbed "Mojo" (Maurice + Julie) by a friend, we see "Mojo" as the magic of creation: of photography, of art, of an inspiring & relaxed day, for example. Mojo reminds us to stay chill and go with the flow.

We love photographing weddings together and being able to re-experience the joy and energy of a wedding over and over again, all the while creating artful memories for you.

Maurice preparing to photograph a wedding dress.
Julie photographing a wedding reception.

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