2018 Travel Dates

We hit the road in June 2017 and have already explored so much of the Western U.S. Besides our definite travel dates, the rest we are making up and dreaming up as we go, until we are called to specific locations for work. All “possible travel dates & locations” are completely flexible; maybe we’ll be in Washington instead of Arizona? There is also room to schedule within our “definite dates and locations,” so don’t hesitate to contact us to see if your date and location can be worked in to our schedule.

We do not charge extra for travel if your location works with ours!

– Definite Travel Dates & Locations –

  • January 24-30 : Tucson, Arizona
  • March 1-5 : Southern California
  • May 3-8 : Lake Tahoe, CA
  • May 9-15 : Belden, CA
  • May 24-29 : Oakland & Half Moon Bay, CA

– Possible Travel Dates & Locations –

  • Beginning of January : Exploring around Arizona
  • February More Arizona, maybe in to New Mexico
  • March / April : Possible travel out to Colorado (through Nevada, Utah, back down to New Mexico, Arizona)
  • June : Possible travel back to Colorado, up through Wyoming, Montana, Idaho
  • July-August:  Maybe Washington & Oregon coasts