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Hey there. I’m Julie Hanna Laflamme, owner and lead photographer of Mojo Weddings. Having started my business in 2006, I’ve photographed close to 200 weddings and am a master at my craft.

My husband, Maurice, a professional fine artist, showed a huge interest in photography early on in our relationship, and has been shooting alongside me since 2013. He has now photographed around 50 weddings as part of my team.

Julie and Maurice of Mojo Weddings

We work side by side on a daily basis while raising our daughter.


I knew early in my education that photography was my calling, and chose to go to a specialty photography school for a college degree. After graduating, I got hands on experience and six years of training while working closely with several different photographers before deciding to break off and start my own company.

From all my training and being in the photography business for over a decade, there are many services I offer besides just delivering beautiful photographs.

I create a step-by-step, time-specific guide to your wedding day. You will see how your wedding day will flow, portraits and all, months before the actual day.


I take the most boring part of the day - capturing family portraits - and do it super fast, so you’re able to get to cocktail hour and hang with your family and friends.


We always keep things light and keep everyone on track. We are able to take beautiful candid shots while staying in the background and letting couples live their true wedding day without it feeling like a photoshoot.


I’ve also gained lots of knowledge of what clients want, as far as actual wedding photographs go, pertaining to posing and classic shots, and we make sure to mix it up.


We know you make many choices about every last detail of your wedding, and we make sure to photograph them all in a beautiful way.

I could go on forever on this page, talking about how and when I started photographing love stories, and how Maurice and I met and fell in love, but I like saving some stories to tell in real life. So for now I’ll say, thank you for your interest and for reading a bit about who we are and what we do; I look forward to the chance to sharing stories with you.

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