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About Mojo Weddings

Hi! That banner photo is us, “Mojo,” on our wedding day in 2015. I’m Julie, owner and lead photographer of Mojo Weddings, working alongside my husband, Maurice. He is my trusty second shooter, my greatest encourager, and my emotional support team. He also makes sure I have a lot of fun. We keep each other in balance in work and in life, and can’t imagine a life where we aren’t working side-by-side and raising our daughter together.

We bounce around California photographing all kinds of weddings and elopements. There was one weekend where we photographed a wedding in Bodega Bay on Saturday and then in San Clemente on Sunday. There was a time (last year) when we thought we could take the entire Pacific Coast by storm, because we love the crap out of coastal Oregon and Washington, too. Oh, we even tried to cover the entire U.S… But after a year of testing and exploring, we’ve realized that California (all of it!!) is our one true love.

We currently have two separate home bases, one in northern Cali mostly in the foothills of the Sierras, and one in a remote, southern Cali  town you’ve probably never heard of.

Of course we will travel out of state, and already have, photographing weddings in places such as Cabo San Lucas; Tempe, Arizona; Black Rock City, Nevada; and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Mojo has many different levels of meaning to us, but one thing we hope Mojo means to you is an extra spark of magic on your wedding day.

We think you’ll love the seamless way we work before, during and after your wedding; the way we capture vibrant photographs of you and your loved ones; and being on the same page as us and pretty much all of our clients who can’t stand over-posed generic & heartless photography.

I (Julie), got my start with photography in 2003 and have since photographed nearly 200 weddings; also finally became a real-life business lady (it took a little while). This bio could go on forever, talking about how and when I fell in love with photographing people, how I helped Maurice become a professional photographer, and how we met and fell in love (one of us faster than the other)… buuuuut I’m not going to. I like saving some stories to tell in real life. You are welcome to ask me about any of the above, and I would love to hear from you, which is made simple by visiting our contact page. Thank you for your interest and for reading a bit about who we are and what we do!

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