About Mojo Weddings

We are Julie & Maurice Laflamme.

In case you missed these paragraphs on our front page, read on! Otherwise, skip ahead to read way too much about us (coming October 2018).

We are photographers for wildly in love couples who want vibrant, candid photographs to remember the day they gave a promise to love another human.

We are Julie and Maurice, wife and husband, of Mojo Weddings. We carefully document weddings with beautiful photographs. We really do love being able to help you remember all the various decisions you made, like the time you picked this spoon over that spoon, or what the sunset looked like after your ceremony, and how awesome you looked and felt because we photograph all the lovely details and subtleties of what made this day everything joyous and emotional for you. Yeah, we gotchu.

Maurice preparing to photograph a wedding dress.
Julie photographing a wedding reception.

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